Urdu Islamic Mp3 Lectures/Bayan download By tauseef ur rehman

Download Urdu Islamic Lectures by Sheikh tauseef ur rehman rashdi. His Lectures are really beautifull and heart-touching Masha'Allah. You will find lectures in various category's. This lectures are in Audio and Video format. I will give you two links, one for audio and one for video. You can easily download the Audio lectures or bayans, that you like. and also you can watch the lectures online from youtube.
Urdu Islamic Mp3 Lectures/Bayan download By tauseef ur rehman
This lectures are in Urdu, many peoples from Pakistan,India and Bangladesh can understand this. I am also from bangladesh and i can easily understand it Alhamdulillah. Before i listened to lecture's of Sheikh Motiur Rahman Madani from Bangladesh. His Lectures is also really awesome. I have found Lectures of Sheikh tauseef ur rahman video Facebook and watched it, and that was one of the best video i have ever watched. And then afterwards i searched on Youtube for tauseef ur rehman.

I have found this website from google. Here are Some beautifull lectures in Mp3 by Sheikh Tauseef ur rehman. You can easily download it by clicking on DOWNLOAD button.

This video Bayan/lectures are in youtube. You will find a lot of lectures in youtube. You can watch it online or download it via Clipconverter or any other site in Audio or Video format.
If you find any problem downloading or any other let me know, i will try to help you In Sha Allah. If you Find this Post usefull Share This Post and let other know about this post and comment and let me know how you liked this post.

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