Top 10 Best Bangla Islamic Websites and Blogs in 2017

Website or Blog is an effective way to learn anything and day by day It's increasing very quickly. I have seen, Some days ago many people would read and learn to see the book, But now they are reading and learning from online in website or Blog.
Top 10 Best Bangla Islamic Websites and Blogs in 2017
In this post, I will be going to share the 10 best Bangla Islamic Websites and Blogs in 2017 for Bangladesh. Where from you will get to read and learn Islamic topic as an authentic source in Bangla Langues.

Here is list the top 10 best Bangla Islamic Websites and Blogs in 2017

Best Bangla Islamic Blog: MuslimMedia /

1. Al-Quran BD – Online Bangla Quran – is a Bangla Online Quran where you will able to read The Holy Quran on online. It has many excellent features such as The website is beautiful and modern design, Very awesome layout and font style which very comfortable and easy to read and recite The Holy Quran with Bangla Translate.

02. Quraner Alo – Best Bangla Islamic Blog – is a Best Bangla Islamic Blog. It's a frequently updated resource for authentic Bangla Islamic materials, Audio and Video lectures, books, and more. The blog is most popular and famous blog in Bangladesh.

03. Amar Spondon – Islamic Blog in Bangla

AmarSpondon – is a New Islamic Blog in Bangla. Though the blog is the new but very modern and attractive blog. I try to read this blog regularly because the blog publishes most useful and necessary article/content to solve our problems in the Islamic way.

04. Way To Jannah – Best Islamic Bangla Blog – is also a Best Islamic Bangla Blog. It publishes useful Islamic post in Bangla to enter Jannah (Paradise). So why will you late to visit this blog?

05. Adnan Faisal – Islamic Bangla Blog

AdnanFaisal – is an empirical Islamic Bangla Blog. The owner of this blog is Adnan Faisal. He lives in Canada and studies at Computer Engineer. He loves Islam and writes about Islam in his blog. I have learned many things about Islam from his Bangla Islamic Blog.

06. Quraner Kotha – Empirical Islamic Blog in Bangla – is also a cool and empirical Islamic Blog in Bangla. My some favorite writers publishes their Islamic post in this blog. You must get to know necessary Troubleshooting in the Islamic way.

07. Islamic Alo – Best Bangla Islamic Blog in Bangladesh – is also a best Bangla Islamic Blog in Bangladesh. They are regularly publishing new and latest Bangla video Waz, Islamic lecture, Bangla Islamic books and more.

08. Hadith BD – Unicode Based Bangla Hadith Project – is a first Unicode based Bangla Hadith Project and first database of Bangla Hadith in Bangladesh. You will get to read all the Unicode Bangla Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Majah) from a single site in Bangla, English, and Arabic.

09. NAK Bangla – Useful and Productive Bangla Islamic Blog – is an another useful and productive Bangla Islamic Blog. The meaning of NAK is Noman Ali Khan. The Noman Ali Khan is a legend scholar in the World. I like him a lot. Really he is a practicing Muslim and also the modern scholar.

10. As-Sunnah Trust – My Favorite Islamic Bangla Blog – is my favorite Islamic Bangla Blog because the owner of this blog is Dr. Khandaker Abdullah Jahangir (Rahimahullah). He was my best teacher. I love him from my heart. O Allah please give him your best Jannah (Paradise).

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